What We Do

TAFSUS is a non-profit organization established to promote better understanding and friendship between Turkish and American communities through educational, cultural and social activities. We focus on activities and events primarily in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and South New Jersey.


TAFSUS is one of the oldest, best-organized and most effective local Turkish-American organizations in the nation. Through your support, TAFSUS administers numerous projects.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: TAFSUS has a well-estbalished education program in 3 parts:

  1. OKUMUS-TAFSUS Fellowships to qualified teachers and school administrators for a 14-day study tour of Turkey
  2. Portrait of Turkey Program for select high school students
  3. Teacher Workshops – for 1 day intense study of Turkey. These programs are administered by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and funded by TAFSUS.
  4. Other educational programs involve supporting scholars of the American Research Institute of Turkey (ARIT) and partially covering the cost of the students who travel to Turkey to study Turkish under the Middle East Center‘s sponsorship, and Halide Edip Adivar scholarships.
SOCIAL EVENTS: TAFSUS organizes several social events through the year to help bring the community together such as Republic Day, Dinner, Children’s Day, Picnic, and Celebration of one religious holiday
CHARITY WORK: TAFSUS responds to disasters such as earthquakes in Turkey and emergency situations.
LIBRARY SERVICES: Distribution of the books, the brochures, the posters to the teachers and the school libraries.
CULTURAL PROGRAMS: TAFSUS presents lectures on Turkey with other organizations such as the World Affairs Council, organizes Turkish Nights in diverse locations such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and participates in public events such as the International Children’s Festival at the University of Pennsylvania.
COMMUNITY MAILINGS: TAFSUS uses email and U.S. Mail on all TAFSUS programs and Turkey related events to the Turkish-American community throughout the year.
SPEAKERS BUREAU: Speakers, slides and written information on Turkey are made available upon request to museums, social and religious organizations.
STUDENT SERVICES: The objective is to provide a relationship between TAFSUS and the Turkish students attending local universities and colleges, and to organize joint programs.

Among TAFSUS’ main activities are:

  • Teachers Workshops and Sponsorships of Teachers Traveling to Turkey in the summer months.
  • Library Services by collection and distribution of informative literature on Turkey to school and public libraries including curriculum guides for teachers.
  • Speakers Bureau help by providing slides and speakers on Turkey upon request.
  • Festivals and Cultural Events participation in Philadelphia on various platforms.
  • Charity Work by donations for disaster relief such as earthquakes.
  • Newsletter as means of communication and dissemination of information twice a year.
  • E-mail and print mailings on all events and news.
  • Social events such as the annual Republic Day Dinner, Annual Picnic, and Various Holidays.
  • Media Watch and Response to provide correct and balanced information on Turkey and US-Turkish Relations in the US media and also in the state and federal congress.

If you would like to organization a joint event with TAFSUS please email info@tafsus.net

If you would like your event promoted by TAFSUS please email youth@tafsus.net