June 2021 – Editorial

Dear TAFSUS member,

As we all know we are going thru a difficult time in our lives due to COVID 19.
Hopefully we are moving into a relatively better period with the vaccine roll out and eventual decrease and disappearance of this deadly virus.

Against all odds, we have to continue to live our lives as normal as possible and so does our organization. TAFSUS should and will adjust to changing circumstances in order to survive and continue its journey which started in 1966.

TAFSUS attempted to publicize this newsletter before the pandemic but it fell thru cracks. The purpose of this newsletter is to tell you more of the history of TAFSUS by interviewing one of our founding members Ayhan Ozer. We also want to inform you about interesting developments in the lives of our members; tell you more about  some noteworthy events related to Turkish American community.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter; your enthusiasm will help TAFSUS continue this periodic newsletter. Your comments and your input are always welcome.
Rest assured TAFSUS will continue to be active to address and serve Turkish American Community in the years to come.

Thank you and best regards,
Please be safe.

Ibrahim Onaral