Elma Şekeri

Elma Şekeri: A monthly newsletter for the community

Elma Şe Elma Sekeri, Cover, April 2009 keri is a monthly newsletter created by volunteers among the ATA School community. The first issue has been released in April 2009 and is available here in pdf format. We would like to thank our parents Asuman Ozturk, Cevher Dogan and Kubilay Bekirogullari for their efforts in preparing the issues.

Elma Şeke ri is in Turkish and intended to encourage and help students to read in Turkish. It includes news and information from the community. If you would like to contribute, please contact ATA School Director, Dilek Arig.

Here’s the list of available issues:

On the news

On February 17, ATA School received a welcome visit by 11 teachers from the New York Ataturk school for an exchange of ideas on language education of children in the Turkish American community. News and pictures from this event can be found in the links below.


Graduation Day

May 18, 2008 marked the last day of ATA School with a graduation party for all the children who successfully completed their first semester. You can see all the pictures taken from the event by one of the proud fathers, Suat Eraslan.

23 April Children’s Day Ball

You can see all the pictures from the event here.