About Eren

Hello! My name is Eren Fevzi Kursun. I was born in West Chester PA, in 2002.  As of May 2021, I am currently enrolled in Pennsylvania State University as a Data-Science Pre-Major. In school, I deal with a large amount of mathematics and other S.T.E.M related classes. For me, my escape, and way of relaxing, is through my pursuit of music. I started off playing the flute in elementary school but eventually switched to playing the saxophone by middle school. However, it was not until high school where I began to truly enjoy music. After joining my school’s marching band, I found a communal aspect of music I hadn’t experienced before. It proved to be a great venue socially and helped me stay connected with friends throughout school. While in the marching band, I also began listening to jazz music. After listening to artists such as Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Charlie Parker, I fell in love with the genre. I joined my school’s Jazz band while also beginning to play and create music with my friends outside of school. Music still remains my favorite way for me to connect with people and find new avenues of expression. Whether it be playing an instrument or learning music production through software, I highly encourage pursuing a form of musical expression. Regardless of age or wealth, the process of learning to create music serves as one of the most rewarding feelings a person can feel. Music has a way of connecting with people beyond just words. For this reason, I intend to continue to improve my skills as a musician. Music will forever remain something I am passionate about and will always encourage others to find how they can become more involved with music themselves.